How many people actually know about the YotaPhone? The Russian-made phone has been available for over a year and yet it’s never really made a splash, despite its interesting dual display set-up. One side is a traditional touchscreen while the other boasts an e-ink display that’s easy on the eyes. Well the folks at Yota have listened to all of the complaints and at Mobile World Congress they announced an upgraded model that addressed the criticism.

Instead of ugly, flat corners, the new YotaPhone uses a sleek, rounded look. The e-ink display is now a touchscreen. The screen has been bumped up from 4.3 to 5-inches and now displays 1080p. It’s running a quad-core processor and the latest version Android. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the confusing gesture-based system has been replaced for the most part by regular Android on-screen buttons.

It’s nice to a see a manufacturer listen to its audience in such a major way. The dual display idea is a genuinely clever and innovative one and I’d like to see this new YotaPhone do well.

via The Verge



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