MEGATech Reviews: Titus&Wayne Luft Qi Filterless Air Purifier
With patented nano-reactor technology, the Luft Qi is a can-sized air purifier that'll destroy allergens, germs and toxic gases around you.
  • Convenient filterless design
  • Will fit just about anywhere
  • Simple and effective
  • No power switch/button
  • Understandably limited range
  • A little expensive
7.5Overall Score

As much as we might lust after our gadgetry for smarter homes and better selfies, I think all of us could benefit from taking better care of ourselves. I know that’s true for me. I should probably be exercising more (or at all) and eating healthier food. But what about the air that we breathe as we sit in front of our computers or in our cars for hours on end?

The Luft Qi air purifier is the first product from Taiwanese startup Titus&Wayne. It’s designed to be simple, elegant and effective in what it does, which according to the press release is to “destroy mold, airborne bacteria, virus and toxic chemicals” using nano technology.

The Pop Can Purifier

It’s shaped like a Coke can, but the Luft Qi is probably a lot healthier for you than another 12 ounces of sugary cola. The “Luft” in its name comes from the German word for “Air,” whereas the “Qi” comes from the Chinese to mean “breath” or the “vital life force” (as in harnessing your qi or balancing your qi). The name of the company is also suitably descriptive, as Titus&Wayne was founded by Titus Chang and Wayne Chein.

With the deceptively simple Luft Qi, you get a compact, filter-free air purifier that cleans up the air around you using the latest UV LED technology, along with a “nano-photocatalyst through an IP protected reaction chamber.” Science talk aside, what you get is a really small air purifier than works in 360 degrees. The can shape is perfect, as it means the Luft Qi is just as appropriate for your desk at work as it is for the cup holder in your car.

Power comes by way of the microUSB port on the back, which only requires a 5V/05.A (2.5W) power source. Considering we have so many fast chargers and car chargers and everything else around us these days, the 500mA requirement is easily met with just about any USB port you can find (including a power bank).

Using the Luft Qi

Aside from the relatively clean (no pun intended) and simple design, the first thing that struck me about the Luft Qi is the lack of controls. When you plug it in, it turns on and starts sucking in air from all around it, outputting clean air out the top. There is no power button and there are no “speeds” or “power levels” to choose from. They say it’ll use only about $5/year in electricity.

This is both a blessing and a curse, of course. I’m no scientist, but I get the sense that the LED light housed within might serve a functional purpose beyond aesthetics. Otherwise, I would have liked the option of turning that light off, especially if I’d like to keep the Luft Qi running while I sleep, for example. There is an audible hum (under 25 dB), which is well within the realm of reason.

And again, I’m not scientist, so I can’t really speak directly to the effectiveness of this device. The developers say that it is able to break down all sorts of pollutants into harmless molecules. These include airborne bacteria, viruses, and toxic chemicals, as well as odors in the area like mildew or cigarette smoke. This contrasts a traditional HEPA filter that simply traps these pollutants.

Given the small size, I imagine the effective area the Luft Qi can cover is quite modest. It should be enough for a small home office, a nursery, or the inside of your car. I think I’ve been breathing better (damn allergies! and dust! and dust allergies!) since placing the Luft Qi on my desk while I work, but I can’t say for certain whether that’s just a placebo effect.

MEGATechie Cleanliness Is Godliness or MEGATechie Kick the Can?

This is probably one of those products that looks really simple on the outside, but comes from some rather complex engineering and design on the inside. The Luft Qi is very well built, despite being mostly plastic, and comes in a range of different colors. All you have to do is plug it in and that’s it.

The convenient shape, size and design mean that it’ll fit in just about anywhere, and the quiet operation means that you might even forget it’s even there. If you suffer from allergies, want to eliminate odor, or just want a cleaner environment around you, the Luft Qi may be a worthy consideration.

They’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo where they’ve already handily surpassed their goal with three weeks left. The early bird pledge level is $99 for one Luft Qi (MSRP of $169) in your choice of silver (as shown), pink, maroon, aqua, or iron black. Delivery is expected for July.

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