What if I told you that you could get a wireless mouse that has no traditional battery to speak of right now? You would first think “OMG! They got wireless power working well enough for mice.” While that would be awesome, we are not quite there yet. In the mean time we do have the Genius DX-ECO that still has no battery.

The concept is actually genius. The DX-ECO has a gold capacitor (which by design stores power temporarily) that can be fully charged in 3 minutes. The capacitor can then power this wireless 1600 DPI mouse for a full day. A 24 hour charge in just three minutes and you can do this a rated 100,000 times. This makes the DX-ECO one of the most environmentally friendly items ever. That is 273+ years of operation, or at least until we stop using mice.

The DX-ECO also works on nearly any surface, is fully plug-n-play, and is designed to be portable (receiver fits in cradle on bottom of mouse), all for an MSRP or $39.99. For the first time, “Batteries Not Included” is a good thing.

Source: TechPowerUp 

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