Intel has many an enthusiast and regular PC users in their corner. Not only does their current Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E processors kick tasking butt, they also overclock quite well and very easily in select systems. It's so easy now that even system integrators (CyberPowerPC, Canada Computers and Electronics, Scan Computers and Altech Computers) are taking advantage of the impressive architecture often selling factory overclocked systems to sweeten the performance pie. While pushing one's Intel processor out of spec may not seem worth the risk, Intel's new Performance Tuning Protection Plan changes everything.

The protection plan offers a one time replacement for any retail K and X SKU processor in conjunction with the regular 3 year warranty even if you ran the CPU out of spec. For example, for $25 USD, you can buy the protection plan for your retail Core i7-2600K processor that you plan to overclock in your new gaming system. If your processor fails to work due to something like overclocking or over volting in that 3 year period, Intel will replace the processor one time. Avid overclockers without the plan should consider this as it's becoming increasingly easier to spot "out of spec" processors.

There are a few things to keep in mind found in the FAQ. The plan does not cover any other components like the motherboard or memory should they fail, only the processor. Regular warrantied processors that fail will be replaced under the 3 year warranty. And, you can't purchase more than one plan per processor or for OEM or engineering samples. (DOH!)

Could we see the protection plans covering other Intel products in the future? That's a possibility for their future.

Full Press Release ยป
Intel is pleased to announce the introduction of a new pilot plan targeted at the enthusiast community. The enthusiast community is a critical market segment for Intel and we are looking at more opportunities to serve that community. In this spirit, Intel is announcing a new pilot service plan for K, X, and LGA2011-socketed boxed processors called the Performance Tuning Protection Plan. This Plan will provide certain out-of-warranty service offerings in the event of damage caused by over-clocking or over-voltaging by the user. By purchasing this Plan and meeting the Plans criteria, the user can receive a one-time replacement processor if the users over-voltaging or over-clocking causes the original processor to fail. This pilot Plan in no way expands, changes or extends the original three year standard warranty and is simply a Plan the user may want to purchase for over-clocking or over-voltaging.
This pilot Plan will be launched on January 18, 2012, at 12:01AM PST and last for six months. The first phase of the Plan will include 4 resellers: CyberPower*, Canada Computers and Electronics*, Scan Computers*, and Altech Computers*. On February 13, 2012, Intel plans to add additional resellers to the Plan. Intel will also be providing the Plan directly to customers at the following website: for the duration of the Plan. Intel will evaluate the Plan throughout the six months and decide whether or not to proceed past the pilot phase.
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