Rumor has it that Google will be holding an event in October to show off the new Pixel successor, but like all events of this type, there will be other announcements as well. One of those announcements could be for a small version of the Google Home smart speaker, designed to compete with the Amazon Echo Dot. The battle of the AIs couldn’t be more boring.

If it truly is meant to be competition for the Dot, expect the mini Google Home smart speaker, expect to be able to hook up traditional audio systems with voice control and string multiple Home units throughout your house, which would allow you to access Google Assistant from anywhere in your house without having to spring for a standalone speaker.

If the event does happen (which it likely will, just like last October), we may see a new Pixel-branded Chromebook. This would be the first Pixel laptop since 2015, and we don’t know if it’s going to go after the high-end market, like Microsoft is with their MacBook-competing Surface Laptop that runs the leans Windows 10 S operating system. As The Verge points out, however, there haven’t been any rumors swirling around about a new laptop, and if we were really that close to a reveal, we likely would have heard something by now. If you build it, it will leak. Just like that old baseball movie.

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