There was an elephant in the room at MWC 2017 that, well, never entered the room. As excited as some of us may have gotten over the LG G6 and the new Nokia 3310, we were all left wondering where was the Samsung Galaxy S8. Well, here it is, in as official a form as we're going to see for a few more weeks.

Samsung only revealed a couple of tablets in Barcelona, holding out on its biggest announcement for a separate event to be held toward the end of March. They've already teased at the reveal and it's pretty obvious that it's going to be the Samsung Galaxy S8. Ahead of that, though, perennial leaker Evan @evleaks Blass took to Twitter to show us "what you've been waiting for."

The tweet, embedded below, shows off the Galaxy S8 in exactly the form we're expecting it to take on. The physical home button is gone, the dual curved display is back, and the top and bottom bezels look thinner than ever. It's like they took the Galaxy S7 edge and simply chopped off part of the chin.

If you want to take advantage of the rumored Beast Mode, you should probably start saving up your doubloons now.

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