Remember that Gyrowheel training wheel contraption that I highlighted earlier this week? Well, the Solowheel puts it to shame.

The idea behind this “smallest, greenest, most convenient People Mover ever invented” is that you get the same kind of experience as riding a Segway, but in a much more compact package. It only has one wheel and no handlebars, but you steer it the same way you would a Segway: lean forward to go forward, lean back to slow down, lean left and right to turn.

As silly as it sounds, this 20-pound transporter might be better than the Segway. It’s $1,500 cheaper, the 1000W motor is good for up to 12mph, and you can keep going for up to two hours on a single charge. You shouldn’t be leaning on the handlebars on a Segway anyway and it looks like it’s pretty easy to bail on a Solowheel.

But still, with my well-documented deplorable sense of balance, I wouldn’t touch this thing with a four-foot scooter. Your mileage (quite literally) may vary.

[Source: GR]

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