As one of the many (and I mean many) Americans who are beyond frustrated with a bunch of old Luddites attempting to regulate technology that they can’t even begin to understand, it’s always welcome news when the White House embraces the digital age.

President Obama has appointed tech industry veteran Jason Goldman as the first-ever “Chief Digital Officer,” which will see him leading their Office of Digital Strategy. Goldman, who was instrumental in the success of businesses like Medium, Blogger, and Twitter, joins former Google executive Megan Smith, who last fall was hired as the White House’s Chief Technology Officer, and senior Facebook engineer David Recordon, who was hired just last week as the White House’s director of IT.

These appointments may not directly apply to my cranky ramblings above, but it’s nice to see President Obama and his staff not only acknowledging the role technology is taking in shaping the world, but openly embracing it and trying to stay ahead.

via Tech Crunch

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