Do you find that your desk or your bedside table is getting far too cluttered with all the things that you need to charge every day? You’ve got your smartphone(s), your tablet(s), your smartwatch(es), your fitness tracker(s), your USB power bank(s) and more. It’s just a nasty and unsightly rat’s nest of cables that only gets tangled. For an approach that’s a little more grounded and organized, the Zentree by GELID Solutions could what you need in your life.

Basically, what you get with the Zentree is a four-port USB hub that’s been covered in a 3D flexible pin array. It’s like a zen forest, I guess. Because the “pins” are different heights and they’re loosely arranged in a grid, you can safely accommodate devices of varying sizes without any fuss. You simply take off the soft silicone cover, feed the USB cables through, and plug in the devices that need charging.

The aesthetics of the Zentree are certainly a matter of personal preference, but at least you don’t have cables running everywhere. Each of the four USB ports is good for up to 2.4A of power and the whole thing has 48W of power output. That’s enough to charge up to four iPad Pros at the same time.

GELID Solutions is currently seeking funding for the Zentree through a Indiegogo campaign page. The crowdfunding goal has been set at $50,000 with exactly one month left to go. Early bird backers can get a single Zentree for $30; the MSRP will jump to $50 when the Zentree is ready for mass consumption. Check out the video and press release below for more information.


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Indiegogo Campaign of Zentree Smart Flexible Charging Solution

Smart IC flexible charging station with soft non-slip silicone rubber surface

HONG KONG, 29 January, 2016

Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions unveils the campaign of the Zentree Smart Flexible Charging Station, on Indiegogo.

The engineers at GELID Solutions have stepped out of their usual product line-up to create an outstanding new mobile device charger. The Zentree integrates a smart IC chip to which automatically negotiates the best charging current for any USB charged device. In addition to the smart IC, the surface features a soft silicone rubber 3 dimensional pin array. The pins were specifically designed to accommodate different devices of varying sizes with ease and convenience.

Zentree was designed to work with any USB charged device. Weve specifically tested Apple mobile and tablet devices, various Android mobile phones and tablets. Pebble watches, Bluetooth headsets, even portable power banks.

The Zentree is currently on Indiegogo seeking initial pre-orders, and will ship Q1 of 2016. Initial Indiegogo backers will receive a discounted price of USD30. After the Indiegogo campaign MSRP will be USD50.

The Zentree conforms to FCC, CE-LVD, CE-EMC, DOE VI and carries a 2-year warranty.

The Zentree gives everyone in the office a nice soft surface to charge their devices, and home users a neat charging solution, said Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.

About GELID Solutions Ltd
GELID Solutions Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company with Swiss Management. GELID designs and manufactures thermal solutions, CPU & VGA coolers, fans, and other computer hardware for gamers and silent enthusiasts.


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