I like my Nintendo Switch. I don’t get to play it as often as I like to, but when I do, it’s most often in handheld or tabletop form. What if I want to play on a bigger screen without being bound to the TV in my living room? The Nintendo Switch projector dock from YesOJO is just the ticket, offering full portability for big screen gaming on the go.

Following a very successful Indiegog campaign, the YesOJO portable projector is ready for primetime and that means you can hurl those blue shells with the best of them anywhere you go.

At CES in Las Vegas this week, the company is showing off a fully functional version of the dock and they’ve indicated that they are ready to start shipping them to early backers. That’s good news for anyone who wants to play some Super Mario Odyssey on the run.

What’s unique here is that not only do you get a portable projector, but it has a built-in Nintendo Switch dock, as well as USB and HDMI inputs for other devices too. It’s not much bigger than the official Nintendo Switch dock, but the digital projector can blast out an image up to 120 inches in size. The 200 lumens from the digital projector might not sound like much, but that’s equivalent to a 2000-lumen lamp-powered home unit for brightness.

Based on the early impressions posted on TechCrunch, that’s plenty bright even in the less than ideal conditions of the trade show floor at CES. The on-board speaker is also surprisingly loud and the battery delivers up to four hours of gaming, all while charging up the docked Switch at the same time.


The YesOJO Nintendo Switch projector dock is going to start shipping “soon” with an expected retail price of $369. That includes a USB-C adapter and you can use the original Switch adapter if you prefer too. Hit up the YesOJO website for more information.

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