This is what you people like to read about, right? The Pope’s successful tweeting? The Vatican is tooting its own horn in The Vatican Today, saying that the Pope’s Twitter account is beating pop stars like Justin Bieber in retweets. They also cite an incorrect number of retweets, claiming that the account received over a million more retweets than it actual has.

Let’s just ignore how bizarre it is for the Catholic church to be bragging about how the Pope’s Twitter account is outshining that of Justin Bieber. Let’s also ignore how bizarre it is that I had to write that sentence.

The Vatican claims that the Pope’s first tweet garnered 1.2 million retweets, when a count by The Verge puts it at a total of 115,407 retweets across all eight foreign language accounts. That’s a pretty staggering difference. However, the Vatican is right in claiming that percentage wise, the Pope’s first tweet did beat Bieber’s popular tweet about a six-year-old boy with cancer. On the other hand, Bieber has 31.7 million followers to the Pope’s 2.1 million, so maybe they shouldn’t be celebrating yet.

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