Pope Benedict XVI Joins Twitter

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For Catholics who haven't been to confession in a while, things just got a little easier. Instead of taking a trip down to your local church, why not confess your sins directly to Pope Benedict XVI? He's now officially on Twitter as @Pontifex - the Latin word for "pope." If you're wondering - yes, he is verified.

This is a move by the Catholic Church to be "present in the digital arena," and Twitter couldn't be more happy that one of the biggest religious leaders is now part of its social networking service. Although he hasn't tweeted yet - his first tweet will be coming December 12 - he's already been getting a flurry of questions involving the McRib, Human Centipede, Wolverine, and Breaking Bad. They're probably not the sort of questions the church expected.

For those who need answers now, somebody has already set up a parody account at @RealPontifex and they've already shared a wealth of information, such as the effects chili dogs have on the Pope. I'm not sure the Catholic Church knows what it's got itself into.

via Wired


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