You don’t need to invest in a mini NES or a plug-and-play Genesis to enjoy some classic video games. A web browser is all you need. That’s because literally hundreds of old Amiga games have now been uploaded to the Internet Archive. From Double Dragon to Budokan, they’re free for you to play right now.

Quickly scrolling through the list, my eyes are drawn to some immediate favorites and classics. Take control of a colorful dinosaur that spits soapy bubbles in Bubble Bobble. Unleash your inner Michael Keaton with Batman the Movie. Live up to the song with Pinball Wizard and enter the original world warrior tournament with Street Fighter. Of course, they’re not all gold. There are tech demos and crappy shovelware too, but you can’t complain about the price.

You should also be forewarned that some of these emulated titles can be remarkably glitchy and they do actually take some time to load. Once they do, though, you’ll be in retro gaming heaven. Check out the library on and bid adieu to the rest of your afternoon. Oh look! Bionic Commando!

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