Microsoft is bringing Xbox games into the not exactly poppin’ world of video game streaming. Project xCloud is the radical* name for the new “global game-streaming technology” service that will allow users to play their console and Windows PC games on several devices, including their mobile devices. First announced at this year’s E3, we finally have a smidge of details.

The company is currently testing the service on mobile phones and tablets, both by using Xbox Wireless Controllers that are paired through Bluetooth as well as game-specific touch input overlays that are designed for players who choose not to use a controller. As someone who already isn’t a big fan of mobile gaming, the thought of using touch controls to navigate something as complex as an Xbox One game seems uniquely designed for my own personal Hell.

The biggest problem with game streaming is lag, something that’s plagued Sony’s PlayStation Now service since its inception. Living in a fairly rural area, I can’t effectively use Sony’s service, even with the highest package offered by my local broadband service. Microsoft going into this with lag in their sights is a promising start.

As of right now, Project xCloud supports both 4G and 5G cellular networks and uses Microsoft Azure, their cloud computing service, to help stabilize the streaming service. They plan to launch a public beta in 2019, so fingers crossed that plenty of rigorous testing and thorough feedback will help Microsoft launch a solid gaming service in a rather disappointing arena.

*It is not a radical name. It is, in fact, a silly name. Here’s another video.


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