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iPhone XR

So How Does the iPhone XR Stack Up?

When Apple first announced the iPhone XR (alongside the XS and XS Max) I scoffed, scoffed I tell you, at the idea that this was Apple's "budget" phone. It's a relative term, as the phone is considerably cheaper... Continued

Asus ROG Phone Finally Ships on Monday

As much as I'm enjoying my time with the Google Pixel 3 XL, it might not be the best choice for a serious mobile gamer. If you're all about that Fortnite (and you've got over $1,000 burning a hole in your pocke... Continued
Chromebook C523

Here’s the 15-inch Asus Chromebook C523

You better watch out Lenovo, Acer, and anyone else making large Chromebooks, Asus has you in their sights. Maybe. Asus is going bigger than they ever have with the 15.6-inch Chromebook C523, putting them in a p... Continued

Apple iPhone XR Contract Pricing in Canada

Based on some of the early reviews that have been coming through, the iPhone XR gives you almost everything you want from the iPhone XS. It just happens to be a few hundred dollars cheaper. But how much would i... Continued

What to Expect from the 2018 iPad Pro

The new iPhone XS and iPhone XR aren't the only new things coming out of Cupertino. We knew it was due for an update before year's end and now we've got a date for when Apple will reveal the 2018 iPad pro to th... Continued

Pixel 3 XL Has a Samsung Screen (iFixit)

I have the Google Pixel 3 XL here -- the comprehensive review is coming very soon -- and one of the first things that struck me was the display. Well, after I got past the notch. It looks richer and fuller with... Continued

The Palm is a Phone for your Phone

Smartphone addiction has become a serious topic of discussion in recent years, which presents something of an ethical dilemma for phone makers. How do you continue to make money in a market that’s so intrinsica... Continued

Adobe Premiere Rush CC Makes YouTubing Easy?

As some of you might already already, I have myself a humble little YouTube channel. I've been kicking it there for more than 10 years, but I've only been sticking to a regular schedule for the last couple. And... Continued

Get a Free Echo Dot When You Buy an Xbox One

Have you been thinking about picking up a new gaming console? Now might be the best time, because there's a pretty good deal going on over at Amazon. If you pick up one of the selected Xbox One bundles, you'll ... Continued