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TCL Roku TVs Arrive in Canada

Roku is kind of a big deal. The company has not so quietly become the streaming platform of choice, offering Canadians easy access to over 150,000 movies and TV episodes. And now Canadians will have another opt... Continued

The Complicated Tale of the USB-C iPad Pro

So, as you've likely heard by now, Apple revealed the newest version of its iPad Pro yesterday. They (mostly) got rid of the bezels, along with the home button, to make for a sleeker design. The other major cha... Continued

OnePlus 6T: 6 Things You Need to Know

So, as you may have heard, OnePlus hosted a little shindig earlier today in New York City wherein they revealed the brand new OnePlus 6T. Well, "brand new" might be a bit of a stretch, because the "T" generatio... Continued
Sam's Club

Sam’s Club Opening Cashier-less Store

Look out, Jeff Bezos! Walmart is also getting in on the whole not-paying-human-employees thing! Sam's Club, the Walmart-owned retailer, is opening a store in Texas that will be utterly devoid of cashiers, just ... Continued
PSN Name

PSN Name Change Risks are Ridiculous

Not long ago, Sony announced that gamers will finally be able to change their PSN name, a feature that Microsoft has offered Xbox Live users for years. The first name change would be free and then ten dollars t... Continued