Everybody needs kitchen appliances, but why not have some fun with them? Today we’re looking at a variety of toasters and a couple of mini-refrigerators that will make kitchen geeks happy. Or at least they make this kitchen geek happy. Because why should you have to settle for boring old normal appliances? I see no reason.

First up is the Darth Vader toaster, and you know you need one. Not only is the toaster itself shaped like the Dark Lord’s helmet, but it prints him on your toast as well! I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ll set it for the darkest possible, because it’s toast from the dark side. On the side opposite Darth’s helmet is the Star Wars logo, for those of you who are a little leery of inviting him to your breakfast table. You can make one yours for just $44.99 US.

Source: Geek Alerts


Maybe you’re more into happy, cheerful things. In which case this toaster that prints your toast with a butterfly could be right up your alley. Each side of your bread is printed with the outline of a butterfly for your breakfasting pleasure. The toaster itself looks pretty retro, and is available in a variety of colours for $34.95 US.

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To be honest, this one kind of creeps me out. I’m sure it makes a statement on the narcissistic society we’ve become that you can custom-print your toast with your own face on it. The Selfie Toaster allows you to upload your favourite picture of yourself, and then they’ll custom-build you a toaster that burns your image into bread. Me, I’d have to choose something other than my own face… if I was still working at my last day job, it would have been a picture of my boss. Biting off his head and chewing it up every morning would have been a great way to start the day! The Selfie Toaster can be yours for about $75.00 US.

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This one doesn’t actually print anything on your toast, but it does sit on your counter and allow you to reminisce about your hippie days, travelling across the country in a VW bus. Or if you’re not that old, it’s just a neat thing to have. If you own a VW camper bus, I think you’re pretty much required to get one of these to keep in it. Available in red only, this runs about $67.00 US.

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Our final toaster is pretty ridiculously high tech, considering all it does is toast bread. Instead of making you guess what darkness setting you want using a dial, this one uses a set of sensors and special toasting algorithms to present you with the perfect toast every single time. It does also have dials in case their version of “perfect” toast does not jibe with your own. It comes in two different models, and they’re not cheap. The Dualit Stoneware Lite Four-Slice Toaster is $145.00 US, and the Brushed Architect Four-Slice Toaster is $172.00 US.

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Moving on to refrigerators, because you need somewhere to keep your butter and jam… the Borg mini fridge! It’s a cube shape (of course), and will hold up to nine standard size soda cans. You can either plug it into AC, or it comes with a 12v DC power cord so you can use it for tailgating or road trips. The light inside is an eerie green instead of standard white. This one will set you back about $150.00 US.

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If you prefer something that leans more toward the whimsical rather than ominous, this Rubik’s Cube fridge should do the trick. I do have to mention, however, that if you’re OCD this is going to drive you batty since it’s in unsolved mode and cannot be turned to solve the puzzle. This one will hold up to nine cans as well, and also can be used with standard AC or 12v DC power. As with the Borg Cube, this one runs about $150.00 US.

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