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Amazon Announces the Fire Phone

Amazon's impending smartphone has been the talk of the town for quite some time, but it's finally here. Earlier today Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced the Fire Phone, conjuring up great gusto whi... Continued

Half-Life 3 Unofficially Confirmed

Half-Life 3 Confirmed. That simple phrase, consisting of just three words and a number, has sent the Internet into a tizzy more than a few times, only to lead to disappointment each time. Fans have long ... Continued
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CES 2011 News Round Up – Part Five

The nice thing about the Consumer Electronics Show, or better known as CES, is the fact that there are so many things to cover that no one place can cover it all. Here are a few more items that have jumped ... Continued
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CES 2011 News Round Up – Part Four

Taking a few more swings at this horse before the weekend. Will there be a part five? We'll have to see how the mailbox looks tomorrow... Futurelooks cleans out the tank some more with a look at what nVidi... Continued

CES 2011 News Round Up – Part Two

Here`s more CES 2011 coverage coming right now... Futurelooks gets their video coverage happening with a look at MSI`s P67 and GIGABYTE`s G1 Killer motherboards Legit Reviews has a look at NVIDIA Tegra 2 an... Continued
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Online Clothes Sales Trumps Computer Sales

A study by, an online sales tracking site has deduced that online clothing sales have overtaken online computer sales for the very first time. Well, considering some people are crazy enough to pay ... Continued
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Sunday Night Article and Review Round Up

Systems Hardware Logic - CyberPower Gamer SLI KO QX6800 System Review  HotHardware - GTR Tech GT3 Small Form Factor PC System Review HEXUS - Shuttle XPC mini X 200 Small Form Factor PC System Review Mot... Continued