Automata Trailer Features Bald Antonio Banderas Investigating Robot Issues

With a heavy dose of Isaac Asimov and visuals reminiscent of Blade Runner, the upcoming Automata stars Antonio Banderas as Jacq Vaucan, an insurance agent for a robotics company who investigates cases of faulty robots. The robots follow two protocols – robots cannot harm or be altered – which are obviously heavily-inspired by Asimov’s three laws of robotics. During a routine investigation, Vaucan discovers that the robots have been altering themselves en masse and he suddenly finds himself forced to pick a side.

There aren’t a lot of films like Automata and one of those few is the disappointing I, Robot, so I’m pretty excited. There have been plenty of films that explore the humanity of machines, from the aforementioned Blade Runner to Terminator, but we rarely get near-future imaginings that present a world we may actually see. That’s what I find fascinating.

Automata features other recognizable names like Melanie Griffith, Robert Forster, and Dylan McDermott, and is the first English-language film from Spanish filmmaker Gabe Ibanez. It also has a budget of $15M, which I find exciting, because lately it feels the film industry has only been putting out either indie films made for under a million or big studio pictures that never dip below $100M. The modest budget allows Automata to look as sleek as it does while giving it a decent chance to turn a profit.

Automata will be released in theaters and On Demand on October 10th. Check out the trailer below.

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