Got kids? Sick of them ignoring your repeated calls and/or texts because they don’t want their friends to know their mom (or dad) calls them? One woman decided she’d had enough, and since she had the knowledge to do something about it, she did. Sharon Standifird developed an app that would ensure her son would have to call her back… or else!

Ignore No More is what the app ended up being called, and it’s available for Android only (sorry, parents who bought your kids iPhones, this one’s not for you – at least not yet). All a parent has to do is set up an account, install the app on their kid’s phone, and wait for the inevitable. You’ve got something important to tell your kid, but he or she is far too busy hanging out with friends, posting selfies or Snapchatting, so they ignore your call. They ignore your text. They continue to ignore them no matter how many times you try. Hit them where they live, and they’ll be calling you back in no time.

When a parent opens the app and taps their child’s name, then enters a code, their child’s phone is shut down. And I don’t mean just that they can’t make calls; they can’t do anything. No internet, no texts, no phone calls, no music… nothing. At least not until they call their mom. Once the phone is shut down, the only two things it will be able to do is call 911 or someone on an approved contact list (chosen by the parent). The only way the phone can be unlocked is by placing that call, so your kid will no doubt call you back ASAP.

Ignore No More costs $2.00 US for each device on which you install it, which really isn’t unreasonable. And even though it is currently only available in the Google Play Store for Android, Standifird is working on an iOS version. No word on whether or not she’ll eventually release a Windows Phone version.

Source: DigitalTrends

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