This is a market in which ideas are “borrowed” on a regular basis, and Huawei has just borrowed the Force Touch technology used in the Apple Watch and applied it to their upcoming flagship phone, the 5.5-inch Mate S.

With a much bigger screen to work with, Huawei can do some fancy new things with the technology, the most impressive of them being the ability to use your phone as a set of scales to compare the weight of two objects. You can use the tech to bring up app shortcuts, zoom in on photos, and more.

Apple is bringing to technology to smartphones, too. The upcoming iPhone 6S is expected to use Force Touch, but Huawei has beat them to the punch and they’re apparently going to town with it. Expect to use more than just your fingers, as Knuckle Sense 2.0 uses your – you guessed it – knuckles. Then there’s the fingerprint sensor, which allows you to trigger various commands by swiping your fingertip across it. This should cut down on display smudges.

At the IFA press conference reveal, Huawei took a few direct jabs at Apple, bringing up the Mate S’s “elegantly hidden” 1.5mm antenna line and saying their phone has a smaller footprint than Apple’s. Careful, Huawei, that’s a big bear you’re poking.

The Mate S is expected to go on sale in the UK in September for 649 euros and 699 euros, depending on the model.

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