What’s that? You thought that when you finally cut the cord on your cable TV that you’d be free from all those restrictive channel packages? Think again! It turns out that you’ll just have to subscribe to several different streaming services instead, each of which will charge you about $10-15 a month. Apple recognizes that original content is where it’s at these days and that’s why they’re reportedly ramping up the budget on creating this original programming.

As it stands right now, if you want to watch The Grand Tour, you need Amazon Prime. If you want to watch The Punisher, you need Netflix. When the time comes, when you want to watch Frozen 2, you’ll need to subscribe to Disney’s streaming service. And for Carpool Karaoke, there’s Apple. Simply syndicating what everyone else already has isn’t enough of a draw.

But it’s not like Apple is going to start throwing $4 billion at this challenge right away.

Right now, Apple spends about $500 million annually. Earlier this year, there were rumblings that Apple would bump its budget to about $1 billion for creating original content. By comparison, Netflix is expected to spend $8 billion on original and licensed content next year. Amazon is on the upward trend with an expected $4.5 billion budget too.

According to Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster, Apple is projected to invest $4.2 billion in original content by 2022. That’s for video, which is also why “Apple Music” is going to be phased out in the next 2-3 years in favor of a more inclusive brand. Apple Entertainment, maybe?

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