It was a blustery fall day in Vancouver, way back in November 2016. It started out with relatively quiet rumblings only among the more tech-savvy, mostly by way of RedFlagDeals, but word quickly spread to the masses about the $40 Fido plan with 4GB of data and unlimited province-wide calling. And everyone lost their respective minds as other carriers started matching too. Well, that plan is back. Sort of.

I was actually one of the people who signed up for that $40 plan almost a year and a half ago, but I wasn’t among the hordes of people who lined up for hours outside physical stores to get them. I guess I was lucky. I got it through the live chat on the Fido website before word spread like wildfire.

And if you’ve been following this story, then you might already know how the $40 Fido plan got bumped into a $45 Fido plan last year. Fido (or rather Fido’s parent company Rogers) bumped the price because they said they needed to improve service or something.

Last December, Rogers attempted to tempt existing prepaid customers to migrate over to regular monthly postpaid by offering the same $40 for 4GB plan. And now they’re extending the offer to Fido customers too.

In this way, it’s not like the $40 Fido plan is really back for everyone, because you do need to be an existing prepaid customer. And as far as I can gather, you do need to be specifically targeted by Fido to receive the promo email. Truth be told, this plan is even better, because you get 4GB of LTE data, plus unlimited international messaging and Canada-wide calling. The November 2016 plan only had province-wide calling, not nationwide.

It’s debatable whether this is actually more or less tempting than the $60 for 10GB plan that was being bandied about last December. In any case, the new Fido plan is apparently being extended until April 10. If you’re an existing Fido postpaid customer, have you had any luck getting the dog to throw you a bone too?

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