Around this time last year, the big promo plan in Canada was province-wide calling, unlimited text, and 4 GB of data for $40 a month. It started mostly with Public Mobile and spread from there. This year, we’ve got another promo plan that’s got everyone in a tizzy. And it’s only good for the next few days.

As far as I can gather, this started with the “Big Gig Plans” from Freedom Mobile. The $50 version is fine with 10 GB of “fast LTE” and unlimited global text, but all calls are charged at $0.05/minute. Not a huge deal if you don’t talk at all (like me), but many people still want minutes. So, you step up to $60 a month to get unlimited talk to Canada and the US.

But what if you’re still leery about Freedom’s network coverage? What if you’d prefer to stick to the Big Three without the higher prices of the Big Three? Well, it looks like they’re pretty much all matching the promo plan, at least in Alberta and British Columbia and, in some cases, also in Ontario. These are regions conveniently covered by Freedom. Go figure.

Head over to the Fido promo page and you’ll find a $60 promo plan that offers 10 GB of data for 24 months before dropping back down to 5 GB for the same price. The same deal is being offered by big brother Rogers, including unlimited Canada-wide calling, messaging and Roam Like Home, similarly with a 24 month bonus for the 5 GB of extra data. In both cases, you can bump up to $85/month and get the Galaxy S7 or the Google Pixel 2 for $0 up front, effectively pricing those phones at $600 ($25 extra per month x 24 months = $600).

While I haven’t yet noticed a mention for Lucky or Virgin, Bell has the plan too. You’ll also notice that Koodo is offering the $60 plan, except the 10 GB of data appears to be permanent rather than just for 24 months. Same with Telus.

In all cases, it looks like you have until either Monday or Tuesday to jump on board. When I asked a unnamed rep about Rogers, he told me that you cannot apply your corporate discount (30%) to these plans as they are not considered “in market plans.” You’ll also notice that many of these are being offered only for “new BYOD customers,” so your mileage may vary if you’re trying to get the deal as an existing customer.

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