ZALMAN is well known for their cooling products. From their excellent heat sinks to their power supplies and cases, the company does quite a bit to push the innovation envelope in their designs. Their latest product actually does exactly what the headline says: It’ll let you put a 135mm fan into a 120mm hole.

Larger fans are typically better for air flow and low noise. But most performance cases can only accomodate a 120mm fan. ZALMAN’s new design gives us the benefits of a larger fan with the bolt pattern of a smaller fan. The fans themselves use a unique blade design that gives us good air flow at a reasonable RPM. You can even use the fans on a heat sink made for 120mm fans, allowing you to increase airflow and performance on your favourite cooler.

If complete silence is your aim, the ZM-F4 comes with an inline resistor (ZM-RC56) that further reduces the fan RPM. The kit also comes with anti-vibration silicon mounting pins that further isolate the fan from the case, reducing potential vibration.

There was no price or ETA at the time of this post, but we’ll update once we get that information.

UPDATE: Zalman has told us that the new fan will hit the shelves at $12.99 US and will be available middle of March.

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