Xbox One owners will be happy to hear that the console will now be able to play Xbox 360 games and all it requires is developer approval, so the list of compatible games should become a substantial one.

The way it works sound similar to the way Xbox 360 plays Xbox games (and I mean the original Xbox). It will be as simple as throwing the disc in or downloading the game, and then you can play on the new console with all of that console’s new features. For the Xbox One this means, screenshots, game DVR, and game streaming.

It’s no secret that PlayStation Now – the closest thing Sony has to backwards compatibility – is a terrible joke, so it’s no surprise that Microsoft took a jab at it by saying they wouldn’t charge you to play a game you already own.

Those in the Xbox preview program can try this new feature out later today with a handful of titles including Perfect Dark Zero, Gears of War, and Halo 3.

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