The media player that you attach to your big-screen TV just got a little more robust. We’ve received the AIOS HD Media Center here in the office, so I thought that I’d show it off to you in an unboxing video.

It wouldn’t be completely fair to refer to the AIOS by Pivos Technologies simply as a media player and that’s why it’s billed as a “media center.” It boasts all kinds of network connectivity, as well as an internal hard drive bay. That’s definitely a step above something like the Uebo M50 or even more popular products like the Western Digital WDTV series.

Check out the video below for a quick overview. One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that this supports Blu-ray ISO, including full menu support. It can also take on an external Blu-ray or DVD drive, which is pretty neat, as well as handle PC-less operation of BitTorrent, Samba, UPnP, and the like. Nifty stuff. We’ll have the full review up in the next little while.

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