Palm Pilot Had a Birthday… and we missed it?

I don’t know how we missed it, but January 29th was the 11th anniversary of the official unveiling of the first Palm Pilot. It was launched in the fall of 96′ but this guy says there was an event called “Demo 96” on the 29th where Jeff Hawkins and Ed Cooligan let the cat out of the bag. I couldn’t confirm this with a 5 minute google search so I am not totally sure. But just think, a tech event that isn’t chronicled by legions of our brethren… What crazy world it used to be.

The PDA. The first real, nerdy status symbol. We have come so far since then.

You can make up for it by celebrating these equally intellectually appreciative events.

Idolize Him: Feb 24th

Towel Day: May 25th

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Sep 19th

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