What would breakfast be without toast? Boring, that’s what! Especially if you have one of these customized toasters. We’ve looked at silly toasters before, but there is a whole new batch of them to explore, plus a couple of bonus gadgets sort of related to toast. Let’s get into it, shall we?

First up is the Selfie Toaster. Yeah, I know. I kind of wanted to hit myself between the eyes with a ball peen hammer when I saw it, too. But this toaster will appeal to the narcissist in your life by printing their own image on their breakfast. Just submit a headshot, and you’ll get custom-printed stainless steel inserts so you can eat your loved one for breakfast. Wait. That didn’t come out right. You know what I meant! The Selfie Toaster sells for $70.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


Maybe you’d rather not be quite that into yourself or your partner. How about printing Fido on your toast? Choose between bulldog, boxer, chihuahua, collie, Dachshund, German Shepard, golden retriever, great Dane, greyhound, lab, poodle, Scottish terrier, Yorkshire terrier, or simply “I Love My Dog”, and the image of the breed will be burned into your toast (the “I love my dog” style prints a bone and paw prints) for all the world to see. Or, rather, for whoever is sitting at your breakfast table to see. This one runs about $30.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


If you’ve got a little girl obsessed with butterflies, then you need this toaster! Each slice of toast comes out with the image of a butterfly burned into its surface to make your princess smile. This particular model is white with yellow accents, but of course the butterflies it produces are in shades of brown. Cost is around $35.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


This one isn’t a toaster, but it is a toaster accessory, and I need it! Meet Toaster Buddies, which are basically metal cages with handles that fit inside the slots of your toaster while holding things that almost always get stuck or break when they’re in there, like Pop Tarts. I cannot even tell you how many Pop Tarts I have eaten in pieces after prying them out of my toaster because they slid off the flat part and got wedged between the tray and the heating elements. Toaster Buddies come in a set of two for about $20.00 US.

Source: Craziest Gadgets


Waffles are a lot like toast, only different. Anybody can use a waffle iron, but this Pixel Waffle Iron ups the ante to be more creative in the morning (read: get up early and make more coffee). It comes with a silicone tray that allows you to make pictures in your waffles based on which “pixels” you push in or leave out before pouring in the batter. This is still a concept project at the moment, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it in actual production. It’s neat!

Source: That’s Nerdalicious


This isn’t a toaster, but it is for use with toast so it fits in here. These are Pop-up Character Bread Molds, and they’re cute with the potential to be a little disturbing. You choose between frog, panda, and bear shapes, and they’re really quite easy to use. Just press one onto your toast, fold up the part that’s cut out, and push back the two cut-out flaps for support. You’ll have cute little toast creatures gracing your plates in no time! Cost is about $13.50 each.

Source: Oh Gizmo


Finally, we have a toaster that will turn tortillas into crisp taco shells! I get the idea, but I prefer soft shell tacos so tortillas are fine for me. But if you’re the type who likes the crunchy ones, then this is for you. It features taco-forming cages that slip into the toaster, then you just push down the lever like normal and wait until your crunchy shell comes out, ready to fill. Cost is about $30.00 US.

Source: That’s Nerdalicious

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