I don’t sleep on public transportation because my loud snoring would likely get me killed in some sort of Lord of the Flies-esque dog pile, but from what I understand sleeping in those cramped situationsisn’t a pleasant experience. A new patent from Boeing has revealed a device that could help with that dilemma.

Leaning back in an airplane seat simply isn’t an option considering the passenger behind you likely doesn’t want your head floating in their personal space, so that leaves you with the option of leaning forward, which is exactly what Boeing’s device would help you do. Pictured above, it’s basically a support system that you lean into, with your face resting in a hole similar to that on a massage table. There would even be straps to hold up your arms if you wanted to wrap them around the device. It may look goofy, but it would get the job done.

This is just a patent, so not only is that almost as far as you can get from a finished product, there’s also no guarantee that this will ever come to fruition. If it does, however, it could make flying a much more pleasant experience for those who like to catch up on their sleep.

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