Only a few years ago, you really had to look hard for an HDTV. When you found it, it was also the most expensive set on the showroom floor. That’s why they come back to the store as “rentals” after Super Bowl weekend. No one could afford to keep it! Flat panel? Forget it! It used to cost as much as a compact car. How the times they are a changing!

With the price of all HDTV format televisions dropping, consumers certainly have a lot more choice, and you can thank the Superbowl for that. According to this report:

TV retailers are announcing Super Bowl specials, offering incentives in terms of price breaks, free surround sound systems, financing schemes and reduced-price or free installation packages. In some cases, Super Bowl specials involve price cuts of as much as 50%.

50% is a great discount and this is all thanks to Super Bowl!

Source: DigiTimes

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