Despite Sony’s claims that the PlayStation 4 is not even in the planning stages, some gamers insist on believing that Sony’s next console is on its way. Hopefully if the “super slim” PS3 rumor turns out to be true, they’ll finally realize that Sony’s far from done with its current-gen console. The new, smaller PlayStation 3 is rumored to have both Bluetooth and 802.11b/g, 16GB of flash memory, and will retail for around $150.

Other than that, nothing is really “known,” but if the rumors are true, this could give Sony a significant edge in the console market. The more affordable 4GB Xbox 360 has proven to be a success, so if Sony follows in those footsteps while making their console even more affordable, it could give them a serious leg up, especially if it starts cutting into Wii U sales.

via Games Industry

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