If you’ve been itching to check out Cortana for Android, now is your chance. Last month, Microsoft made its digital assistant available to a select number of Android users, and tweaked the program based on their feedback. Now they’ve made the beta available for all Android users to download and install.

Of course, Cortana is designed to rival Android’s own Google Now, but users who prefer Microsoft’s solution can actually set their phone so that the home button triggers Cortana, not Google Now. That’s dirty pool, Cortana.

While Windows users can use the “Hey Cortana” voice feature, it’s unavailable on Android due to the wide variety of available handsets and their configurations. Not all Android phones allow Microsoft’s app to always be listening for the command.

The beta is currently available to US residents and can beaccessed here, where they’ll have to sign up to be a beta tester. If you take her for a spin, be sure to let us know how Cortana compares to Google Now.

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