If you do not know Mr. Richard “Doc” Nagy, then let me introduce you through his art. Doc, as he likes to be called, is a jack-of-all-trades that specializes in elegant steampunk PC mods. Even if you are not into steampunk, the craftsmanship of his work alone will leave you in awe. All while I am sure PC enthusiasts have seem a number of steampunk mods, I am sure none were this well crafted or on sale.

You read that part correctly, Doc sells his custom built creations on his site, Datamancer.net. The newest addition is the above Steampunk Laptop which is just a work of art. I don’t know if swapping out the internal laptop is possible and I don’t care. This is not something you buy to do office work on or carry to your favorite coffee shop to relax with; it is art… with a computer in it.

The Steampunk Laptop which actually starts using a brass key is current available for pre-order at $5,500. I would get one while you can because art tends to be create in very small supplies. I also highly recommend going to Richard “Doc” Nagy’s site and looking around at the keyboards, steampunk desktop project, and other great pieces. Even if you don’t ever see yourself owning a piece of his art, its fun to look.

Source:  Crunch Gear

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