If you have a Sonos system, you have access to a wide selection of music streaming services. Unfortunately, the truth is that many of those services offer experiences too similar to really set them apart, so having access to so many really isn’t that much of a benefit. How many services do you really need to stream popular music? I manage to rock out to Katy Perry just fine on Spotify.

SoundCloud, however, gives you access to brand-spanking-new artists that you may not be able to find anywhere else – and SoundCloud is now available on Sonos. There are 12 hours of music and audio uploaded to SoundCloud’s platform every minute, which is absolutely staggering. Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee of quality on the 17,280 hours of stuff uploaded everyday, but with that much music, you’re sure to find something you like. You’ll never be at a loss for content.

The SoundCloud service is in beta on Sonos right now and you can access it by going to “Add Music Services” in the Sonos app. If you’re one of those people who likes to wade through indie content to find the diamonds in the rough, you’re going to have a heck of a time.

Check out the full press release below.

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Beta available today for Sonos users worldwide

Nothing should stand between you and the music you love and want to discover. And the closer we can connect you to all the music on earth, the more we deliver on our mission to create the best experience with music at home. Period.

Today we move another step closer to fulfilling that promise as we welcome an exciting new partner to the Sonos world of music SoundCloud.

SoundCloud enables millions of listeners around the globe to discover original music, connect with each other and share their own sounds from unknown artists putting their first demos into the world from their bedroom, to bands debuting their latest singles, to podcasters, comedians, news outlets and more.

Together, weve partnered to bring you closer than ever before to the worlds largest community of sound creators the way they want you to hear it.

A global connection to a world of sound, now playing on Sonos everywhere

With SoundCloud, we bring Sonos customers in every country around the world a truly global experience, all at once, connecting you to a unique, expanding library of music and audio.

Original sounds from artists and creators, unleashed to your home the way they were meant to be heard

With 12 hours of music and audio uploaded to SoundClouds platform every minute, Sonos expands your world of listening by freeing those sounds from computers and devices, giving millions of homes a direct way to stream to HiFi speakers.

Easy discovery without limitations

With SoundClouds ever-expanding library of new and established artists on Sonos, you can easily discover unique music and audio. Use Universal Search on thenew Sonos controller appto stumble upon music from your favorite artists on SoundCloud that you may never have heard before.

Try SoundClouds free service in betaon Sonos now by visiting Add Music Services in the new Sonos app and dive into a world of new music.

For more information on this and all music services on Sonos, please visit


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