One of the most common knocks that you’ll hear against getting a Sonos sound system is that these smart speakers can be a little on the pricey side. I get that. But they’re also pretty awesome. If you’re okay with forgoing the Alexa integration and want to save several doubloons, the certified refurbished Sonos Play:1 is in stock at what just might be its lowest price ever.

Up until now, the cheapest that I’ve seen the little smart speaker sell for was just under $140 each. With the certified refurbished model, you can pick one up for just $119. That’s a pretty killer deal if you ask me, as the sound quality is phenomenal and you still have access to the smart features via the Sonos mobile app.

Realistically, aside from a few minor design tweaks and the inclusion of far-field microphones, the only thing that really separates the “older” Sonos Play:1 from the newer Sonos One is the latter’s direct support for Alexa and AirPlay, as well as upcoming support for Google Assistant.

At the same time, you have to realize that while a refurbished Sonos Play:1 will only set you back $119, a new Sonos One retails for $199. You can almost afford a stereo pair of the Play:1 speakers for the price of a single Sonos One. Grab the new Sonos Beam soundbar to go along with it and you’ll get Alexa, plus surround sound for your TV.

You can pick up the certified refurbished Sonos Play:1 smart speaker from the Sonos website now for $119. Last I checked, the black version is currently out of stock with expected availability at the end of July, but the white version is available now with free delivery in 2 days or less and 45-day returns.

If you want bigger sound, the refurbished Play:3 is also showing available stock in both black and white for $199 each.

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