I have been sitting here looking at this off and on all day. Maybe it’s just the hospital thing, and the fact that my focus is entirely too much on my digestive tract just now, but I think I like this. If I remember, I may even ask my surgeon about it when he stops by tomorrow. Because losing weight is hard, and it shouldn’t have to be.

The Abiliti Stomach Pacemaker was designed in California, recently taken for a test drive in Germany, and approved for use in Britain. It works very similarly to a heart pacemaker, but rather than regulating your heartbeat it tells you you’re full even when you’re not, thus saving you from overeating. Recent studies have shown that those using the pacemaker have reduced their food intake by as much as 45%. It is not recommended for everyone, but for those with a BMI over 35 it could provide a nice alternative to other weight-loss surgeries. It’s also far less invasive, and much more easily reversed should you change your mind.

The biggest obstacle I can see is the price tag: at over $20,000.00 US, it’s simply not affordable for most people, and I can’t imagine something so new would be covered by insurance just yet. But it’s something to consider for the future.

Source: Gizmos For Geeks

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