I don’t know the exact count, but if I were to guess I’d say I have about thirty-two devices in my house that can stream media. There’s my computer, my laptop, my videogame consoles, my refridgerator, my vacuum cleaner, my sofa, my garage door – the list goes on. My point is that I have a lot of streaming options, because I’m geek. For those non-geeks, there are streaming solutions like the impressive Roku box, which just passed the 10 million unit milestone.

That’s counting sales since their launch in 2008, and that’s units sold, not just shipped. They currently have three different models of their traditional streaming box, as well as a streaming stick to rival Google’s Chromecast. Users can browse through 1,800 streaming channels. Congratulations Roku, you’ve brought back the misery of channel surfing!

A few of my friends use Roku and I’m always impressed with the ease and the functionality the streaming boxes offer, so I’m not suprised in the least to see how well they’ve done. Roku stands right alongside Netflix in the fight against traditional cable and it’s a fight they’re winning.

via Tech Crunch

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