It’s the little smartwatch that could, even before the biggest names in the business decided to get into the business of smartwatches. Pebble has certainly come a long way from its initial Kickstarter campaign and now it wants to do even more with improving your health. The appropriately named Pebble Health app for Pebble Time smartwatches will track your steps and your sleep, like the innumerable other fitness and sleep trackers on the market, but it goes a couple steps further than that.

Rather than simply counting your number of steps against a daily goal, Pebble Health can tell you how your step count today compares to your daily average. Similarly, in addition to keeping tabs on how much sleep you’re getting at night, it can also provide suggestions for how to improve your sleep. This builds upon the step and sleep tracking functionality that was offered through the Jawbone and Misfit apps. And yes, Pebble Health will integrate with Google Fit and Apple Health if you prefer to keep your data that way.

The Pebble Health API is getting released too, so other developers can further expand on this functionality. If you want to use the new app, though, you will need to have one of the newer “Time” series smartwatches, like the Pebble Time or the Pebble Time Round, because it won’t work on legacy wearables.

Find more of the finer details through the post on the Pebble blog. Update your smartwatch to firmware 3.8, make sure the accompanying smartphone app is as updated as it can be, and you’ll be tracking your steps and sleep in no time.

Via Gizmodo

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