While mobile payment apps are becoming all the rage, LG is taking a different route. LG Pay won’t be an application, nor will it require a smartphone or mobile device. LG’s solution is the “White Card” (though, ironically, it’s black) and it will house all of your other debit and credit cards.

The card features a tiny LCD display to tell you which card is currently selected, and two small arrow buttons allow you to flip through them, as well as lock the card. A connector array on the front of the card allows it to be charged. Back in my day, we didn’t have to worry about our money running out of power, blah blah something about millennials.

white card

The idea is of course very similar to products like Coin and Plastc, though both of those require a companion app to work. I’m curious as to how you load cards onto the White Card without an app. It’s also worth noting that without a mobile app, LG’s card won’t benefit from the same security features as Coin and Plastc. Still, the White Card is interesting enough to keep an eye out for. We’ll know more when LG shows it off as Mobile World Congress next month.

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