Last fall, we looked at BelayCords, which I promptly backed and have been happily using for a couple of months now. While I understand that plugging a USB cable in the wrong way is hardly a problem that deserves undue attention, it is incredibly annoying and all of us have a 95% failure rate on the first try. Especially when your USB port is not in view.

While I love my BelayCord, the problem I’ve found is that it’s just one cord. I’ve chosen to use it as the one I carry with me for charging, but then I get frustrated at home when I want to plug something in and invariably it’s the wrong way first. I know… if that’s the worst thing to happen to me in a day I should count my blessings. But it bugs me.

The Ryo Reversible Adapter, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, is the answer. For a pledge of at least $15.00 US, you get one pack of three Ryo Adapters, and you can order as many three-packs as you want at the $15.00 price (MSRP will be $18.99 US). Which means you can put a Ryo Adapter on the USB cables you regularly plug in without having to remove it, making it easy to charge your gadgets and devices.


Here’s another thing they’ve done: Added a flash drive that is also reversible! For a pledge of at least $25.00 US, you can add a Kushi reversible 8GB flash drive to your pack of Ryo Adapters. Kushi doesn’t care which way you plug him in, he’ll work no matter what. He even has two different facial expressions on his two sides, so you can display whichever one fits your mood. The MSRP for Kushi is $15.99 US, so if you go with this option you’ll be saving yourself about ten bucks.

There is still about two weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign, but they have already received more than twice what they were seeking in funding. Which means this is going to happen. They’re expecting to ship in September of this year. I just ordered mine, of course with the flash drive (you know me and flash drives), and I can’t wait for it to get here.

Source: The Awesomer

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