Summertime is a fine time for camping, isn’t it? Get away from the city, head out to the woods or the lake (or both), pitch a tent, kick back and relax. Cook your food on sticks over a fire, leave electricity behind, unplug from the world… Wait a minute. Wait just a darn minute! You mean, leave all my gadgets behind so I can’t post pictures of my food on sticks to Instagram? This is never gonna work.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to. The camping purists can leave all their gadgets at home, but you can have your tent and charge your gadgets, too! This is the Bang Bang Solar Powered Tent, and it’s exactly what the name implies: Somewhere you can sleep sheltered from the elements, but also a means of charging your devices using the power of the sun when there is no traditional power source available. All day long, it collects the sun’s rays and stores them in a battery, which you can then use to power your devices. It’s available in two different patterns; Fool on the Hill (pictured above), and Woodstock (found in the gallery below). Each model costs £249.99 ($420.77 US).

Source: Coolest Gadgets


If you’re going camping, you might as well take Fido along, right? I mean, he probably could use a break from his stressful life of sleeping 20 hours a day between bouts of barking at random leaves blowing by outside? Why not pick up a camper for him? This is officially called the “Indoor Camper Doghouse” and it’s hand made from plywood, aluminum, and memory foam to look just like a Shasta-style trailer. The wheels even work, although the trailer hitch is purely for looks. It will accommodate up to a 30-pound dog (camper is 35″L by 25″W by 26.5″H and weighs 36 pounds). Get yours for $1,200.00 US.

Source: Gizmodiva


Hold the phone… I have to sleep on the ground in a tent, and the dog gets a camper? I don’t think so. How about getting him this specially-designed sleeping bag made just for dogs? Noblecamper can be used as a regular dog bed if you’d rather, but it also has a zippered top that will allow you to partially enclose your dog in a cocoon of warmth whilst sleeping in a tent (which as you know if you camp can get pretty darn chilly at night). What’s nice is that instead of a standard dog bed, this compresses down just like a sleeping bag for people, so it’s easy to pack and carry. It comes in three sizes and three colour combinations, and ranges from $159.00 US to $199.00 US depending on size.

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When I’m camping, I tend to drag a chair off to somewhere people aren’t and spend a few hours with a good book. But I know some of you use a tablet for everything, so here’s something for you: The Tablet Lawn Chair. It’s just like a regular bag chair, but with added bonuses like a 12″ flexible arm and bracket designed to hold your 7″ to 10″ tablet in a comfortable position for you. It also features a pocketed flap under the right armrest with a waterproof inner pouch and two outer mesh pouches. And of course there’s a mesh cupholder in the arm as well. Grab one for $59.95 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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