Well, that was fun while it lasted. The Microsoft Zune has always lagged a step or two behind that other offering coming out of Cupertino, so Microsoft has finally decided to put the poor Zune out of its misery.

The Zune was introduced way back in 2006 and I don’t Microsoft ever thought that it was going to be able to dethrone the iPod. They seemed perfectly satisfied with being the best second place MP3 player on the market, but second place still meant they they had severely lacking sales and those numbers just got worse and worse. Last year, the Zune didn’t even break into the top five in terms of media players.

When asked, Microsoft didn’t really provide a specific response. They just said that they have “nothing to announce about another Zune device.” Moving forward, there will be no more hardware, but they’re still working on the software for integrating into the Xbox 360 and the newer Windows Phone 7. After all, that “Metro UI” was first launched on a Zune product.

It only managed to last five years, but at least the Zune was able to far outperform the Kin. That was just a terrible idea.

Source: Bloomberg

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