This is too great not to share. The infamous Fox News, which has consistently been an inadvertent source of comedy over the years, has revamped its newsroom to resemble something that looks like a bad science fiction film from the 1990s. You know those films that tried to predict what future technology would look like and got it completely wrong? Yeah, you get the idea.

In a video posted to the Fox News website, anchor Shepard Smith walks the viewer through the various upgrades, which include a 38-foot-long video wall, a Twitter wall, and workstations equipped with 55-inch touchscreen monitors, which are referred to as BATs, or big area touchscreens. The BATs literally look like giant tablets, causing the people who use them to look like miniature versions of normal people. It’s comedy of the highest caliber.

According to Fox News, the “news deck” has been designed to appeal to those who get their news in a “nonlinear” fashion, from a variety of platforms – even though they’ll still be delivering the news in a completely linear fashion. Don’t think about it too much, just laugh at the Twitter wall.

via The Verge

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