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When I first grabbed a hold of the ROCCAT Savu Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse and gently laid my thumb inside of that groove, it felt like a religious experience. Ergonomically-designed stuff has never really felt right to me, which can only mean that I am a physically deformed monster who should probably live in a castle somewhere. The Savu gets me. I don't drape my fingers over the mouse like some seem to, opting inside for a more "claw-like" grip, but when I locked into that thing, I felt like one with the Force.

Grippy, Not Slippy


The Savu is a sleek little thing with an effective texture. It's rough enough that you can grip it well, but not so rough as to be uncomfortable. In addition to the standard dual buttons and the wheel, there are two additional buttons on the left side that can be easily accessed with your thumb. Like all gaming mice, these buttons can be assigned to different functions. These can be in-game functions, but you're free to use the buttons for other programs, such as your web browser, making them the back and forward buttons for example.

When you use the Savu, it just feels like quality. The plastic seems very durable, the buttons react nicely, and even the USB cord is coated in a sort of braided nylon. Then there's the feature at the back of the mouse, which I have mixed feelings on and you probably will too. At the back of the mouse is a light bar which can display up to 16.8 million colors. While that's a lot of colors, and it sure looks neat, I fail to see the point. I also wonder how much lower the price of the mouse would be if it weren't there. Roccat claims that it enhances the mood and the gaming experience. While that's up for debate, there's a more pressing issue: when you're using the mouse, your palm blocks out the light, so you can't even see any of the fancy colors while you're gaming. It's silly, but I digress. The lights don't hurt the performance of the mouse, which is excellent.

Pinpoint Accuracy

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The Savu's biggest selling point is its accuracy. It's the world's only optical mouse with a 4000 dpi sensor. Now, I'm not exactly a mouse expert, but it wasn't hard for me to notice that my gaming precision is the best it's ever been when using the Savu. I regularly play first-person shooters and other games that require pinpoint accuracy, and while my actual skill hasn't increased, the Savu gives me the precision that I need to fail gloriously. Now when I miss my targets by a mile, I can no longer blame my mouse.

I'm a big fan of the scroll wheel. I haven't touched a scroll bar in years. The Savu's stat-tracking software (which I'll get to shortly) tells me that my scroll steps outnumber my mouse clicks by almost two-hundred thousand. The Savu's scroll wheel clicks into place with every scroll, which isn't a big deal when you're just surfing the web, but when gaming and trying to select a specific weapon, it can mean the difference between life and death.

Customization For Days

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Another big selling point is the ability customize your mouse in various ways. In addition to simply reassigning buttons and choosing different flashing colors, you can fine tune things like sensitivity, scroll speed, pointer speed, tilt speed, and double-click speed. You can also create and assign different macros to different functions by "recording" your mouse movements. Better yet, you can save all of these settings into various profiles to use with specific applications and games.

There are already plenty of pre-set macros to go along with popular games like Guild Wars, Starcraft 2, and of course World of Warcraft, as well as programs like Skype and Firefox. Chances are only the most hardcore of gamers will use the macros, but it's definitely nice that they're there. I definitely feel that the Savu offers more customization options than a mouse needs, but that certainly isn't a detractor.

You've Achieved Something, Alright

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Then there's the achievements, hoo boy. Like every other red-blooded gamer, I'm a bit of an achievement whore, be it Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Steam. Achievements for my mouse usage? That's a bit over the top, don't you think? If I go into the Roccat R.A.D. app it will tell me that I'm a Click Ace, for 500,000 clicks performed; the Sultan of Scroll, for 500,000 scroll steps performed; and I'm Movin' Up for 10,000 inches of mouse movement performed. I can only imagine this stuff appealing to the most obsessive PC user.

The Roccat Savu, which sells for as low as $54.99 online, is a fantastic mouse any way you look at it. My few complaints have been that it offers too much, which should tell you something. In the interest of full disclosure, I had an issue a while back where my mouse pointer kept snapping to the right of the screen, but that issue cleared itself up on its own and I'm not totally prepared to blame it on the Savu. It could've been a variety of factors and it seems to have been a fluke. Roccat tech support was quick and friendly regardless, which is just another pro when it comes to owning the Savu. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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