Noise reduction is always going to be something we will deal with for personal computers, at least until we figure out a way to cool components with a static system. During the meantime Lian Li will continue to help with reducing the noise your PC generates with its newest PC-B12 case.

There is nothing revolutionary here, but there are a number of practical ideas in place to help with noise. The PC-B12 full ATX chassis has sound dampening foam on the front and both side panels. There is also an exhaust shroud over the vent in the back to control the sound of air exiting the case. Directed downward, this shroud will muffle and direct the sound generated by exhaust toward the floor.

To further reduce noise, the front panel of the PC-B12 does not have any vents. Instead the case sits on 4 tall rubber feet (to reduce vibration noise) to allow ample air into the PSU vent with removable dust filter and 120 mm wide intake vent. The air in the case is circulated by two 140 mm fans behind the front panel which assist in pulling air into the case from the bottom vent.

The Lian Li PC-B12 also comes with an array of user friendly features. There are three 3.5″ hot-swappable bays and one 2.5″ bay. Two 5.25″ bays and eight expansion slots are all tool-less like the hotswap bays. It also includes two USB 3.0 ports located on the top I/P panel. This of course is in the traditional aluminum chassis Lian Li is known for and it comes at a great MSRP of $169. While the PC-B12 may not be the best option for extreme performance, this should be a great case for nearly everyone else.

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Lian Li Announces Silent ATX Chassis – PC-B12

A Silent Case with Bottom Intake Vent

26 July 2012 – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces a silent brushed aluminum ATX supported chassis – PC-B12. The PC-B12 has many features to keep noise down to a minimum, including: a vent on the bottom of the chassis pulling in cool air, a downward facing exhaust baffle and noise dampening foam on the front and side panels.

The front panel of the PC-B12 has no visible vents. Instead of air entering in from the front, two 140 mm fans behind the front panel pull in cool air through the 120 mm wide (4.7”) intake vent on the bottom of the chassis. Four sturdy aluminum feet with rubber bottoms to reduce vibrations give ample room for air to be pulled into the bottom vent. The rear 120 mm exhaust fan has an adjustable downward facing exhaust baffle on the exterior of the case with noise dampening foam that not only bounces the sound waves down, but also directs the hot air towards the floor.

The easily removable front panel and side panels of the PC-B12 both have noise dampening foam to further reduce sound from escaping the chassis. Up to three 3.5” hard drives with an hotswap option and one 2.5” hard drive can be installed in the hard drive cage at the front of the chassis. Two 5.25” drives are easily installed thanks to the bays’ tool-less mounting system. Power supplies up to 240 mm (9.4”) in length can be placed in the bottom compartment. Ventilation slits underneath the PSU with a removable pull-out filter help increase the life and performance of the power supply. The eight expansion slots on the PC-B12 feature tool-less clamps to secure expansion cards into a locked position. VGA cards up to 360 mm (12.1”) can fit in the chassis. The I/O panel located on the top of the chassis contains two USB 3.0 ports and HD audio connections.

The PC-B12 will be available for the suggested retail price of US$169.


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