Picture this: you're at a party. Everyone is bored out of their minds, milling about, making small talk. Then you walk in the room, reach into your bag, and pull out a portable projector. Within minutes you're streaming Weekend at Bernie's over your phone and blasting it onto the wall across from you. You just saved the party.

That may just be my (ultimate) fantasy, but the technology is very real. The bem wireless Kickstand portable projector is live on Kickstarter right now, where bem wireless hopes to earn $100,000 by the end of July.

The projector, which they hope to release in August of this year, will be able to take images from a smartphone, iPad, or USB drive and project it in 720p high-definition. Plenty of connection options will allow for videogames, DVD players, cable boxes, and more. The retail price for the projector will be $799.99, but there are other options available at Kickstarter.

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CHICAGO June 24, 2013 bem wireless brings your multimedia presentations to life with the Kickstand, a high-performance portable projector with integrated kickstand that blasts a large image from a small package. This revolutionary, foldable product can be tossed into a briefcase for your next business meeting or families can even set it up in for an instant home theater. The Kickstand is now available for preorder on Kickstarter.

Were very excited to show our consumers the Kickstand. Theres absolutely nothing like it on the market. Weve integrated incredible technology into a beautifully designed form factor, says Bryan Katzel, Director of Marketing and Development for bem. This projector can take a tiny image from your smartphone, iPad or USB drive, and project it up to 90 inches across in high-definition (720p)- even on the ceiling. Thats huge!

The Kickstand boasts a unique patented mobile design complete with an anodized aluminum frame and bems signature soft touch finish. Theres a hideaway directional swivel that allows for easy setup, and then folds back up for storage. An assimilated remote control also serves as a lens cover offering convenience and functionality. An integrated kickstand, which inspired the name, props up the projector with a vertical orientation so you can project images on the wall or even the ceiling!

The Kickstand utilizes WXGA 1280 X 800 for higher widescreen resolution (720p). The multimedia will be clearer, brighter and larger. If you set up the projector one foot away from the wall- the image will be 9 inches across. On the other hand, if you set up the projector 10 feet away from the wall- the image will be almost 96 inches across.

On the back of the Kickstand youll find an HDMI port, USB port, and Auxiliary Audio Out for multiple connecting options. That means you can hook up devices like your smartphone, iPad, PC/Mac, gaming consoles, cable box, Blueray/DVD players, portable hard drives, USB/Flash drive and more.

From conception to execution, bem has teamed up with top engineers and designers to develop the Kickstand. Impressive internal technology keeps the Kickstand running and efficient including an LED Digital Light Projector. This offers low power consumption and a longer battery life. To put this in perspective, you can leave the Kickstand on for more than two years, and itll still work!

The Kickstand will retail for $799.99 MSRP. However, you can preorder the projector at a reduced price by pledging early on Kickstarter.

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