Drawers are important. They’re where we keep our stuff. Without them, this world would be disorganized chaos. That’s why people were so upset when Google showed off a video of the Nexus 6P last week that seemed to imply the phone wouldn’t have an app drawer.

Who are we: Apple users?

iPhones don’t user app drawers, so all of your installed applications are scattered across your home screens. App drawers are a staple of Android phones and they allow your apps to be tucked away in an organized fashion, even the ones that aren’t worthy of home screen shortcuts.  

The ZTE Grand X View android tablet, which Michael Kwan reviewed last November, was also missing an app drawer and unsurprisingly it was listed as one of the cons.

It’s important to keep in mind that we could all be jumping the gun here. This is all coming from a 2-second glimpse from a promo video that everyone could be reading way too much into. Yes, the video seems to show a home screen without an app drawer, but it could just be some sort of prototype or maybe you can move or disable the app drawer. We just don’t know and we won’t know until Google clarifies further.

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