Do you live in a household populated by both Androids and iPhones? Maybe you have a couple of iPads kicking around, alongside the massive variety of gadgetry and electronics that are charged via a micro-USB cable. It can be frustrating to find the right cable to charge your device at any given moment, so why can’t there be a universal cable that hook up to both your iOS and Android devices without having to switch adapters? That’s the promise of the LMcable.

There may be a couple of other solutions out there where you can use the same cable to charge your Samsung Galaxy as your iPhone 6, but you still need to use an adapter to switch between Apple’s Lightning connector and the standard micro-USB connector. That’s now how the LMcable works. Instead, it’s got a double-sided connector where one side does the Lightning thing and other side is compatible with micro-USB. I’m not sure how they managed to achieve the right shape to accommodate both, but there it is.


This goes quite a bit further than the reversible micro-USB cable by WinnerGear, because it’ll support your range of Apple devices too. You just have to be careful to plug it in right side up, which is an extra hurdle for iPeople who have grown accustomed to the reversible Lightning standard.

Sadly, the LMcable is not exactly available for purchase right now. If you check the Kickstarter page, though, you’ll find that they’re well past the modest $5,000 (AUD) fundraising goal with over $26,000 raised as of this writing. This gives some assurance that the cable will go into production, but as with all these crowdfunding projects, the actual delivery of the product can be a bit of a gamble.

The early bird pledges are sold out, but you can still get in at the AU$20 level (about $14 US) for a single LMcable, which is still 30% off the expected MSRP.

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