Apple has reportedly been in talks with health care company Aetna about the possibility of getting the Apple Watch around the wrists of Aetna’s 23 million customers. The two companies aren’t strangers; Aetna offers the watch to its 50,000 employees, and they announced last year their intention to offer the watch to select employers. This time around they’d be targeting the customers themselves.

The multiple meetings were supposedly held last week in Southern California and involved top executives from both Apple and Aetna, including Myoung Cha, the man behind Apple’s special health projects. The meeting also involved chief medical information officers from hospitals across the country.

The watches would be used to give providers more information on their customers’ health, and in exchange for giving up that additional information, they would be given discounts on Apple’s popular wearable. Apple briefly became the top wearable vendor this year, beating out Fitbit, but was dethroned by Xiaomi in the second quarter.

Apple has been hiring biomedical engineers as part of an ongoing effort to improve the watch’s health capabilities, which includes working on the sensors for tracking blood sugar levels and detecting other possible diseases.

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